What Is Micropigmentation?

A Modern Hair Loss Solution

Micropigmentation is a service that is helpful to many kinds of clients, and as an aesthetician or beauty service provider, it can be an extremely useful skill to have so you can better help your clients. But what exactly is micropigmentation? It is a type of permanent pigmentation service that helps to create the appearance of hair on a client’s scalp.

Micropigmentation Basics

Before you start learning the service, you first should understand the basics of the service. Most commonly, this service is paired with or compared to Microblading, another permanent pigmentation service that emulates the appearance of hair, however that service is usually used on a client’s eyebrows. The main difference between these two services is the technique. Micropigmentation is the process of adding pigment to a client’s scalp using small dots in a pattern to emulate hair follicles and stubble, while microblading is the process of adding pigment to a client’s face with small strokes that emulate eyebrow hairs.

Change Lives

The process for micropigmentation is a relatively easy one! When your clients are looking for ways to increase their personal confidence and improve their appearance, you’ll first start off with a consultation, during which you explain the process of the procedure and decide with the client what would work best for them. From there, you’ll get started on choosing your products and scheduling the service with your client. After you’ve performed the first service, you’ll work with your clients for follow up appointments to ensure that their look is complete and that you both are satisfied with the outcome.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a happy, more confident client!

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